Review: Binary Domain

by on April 29, 2012 >> PCPS3ReviewsXbox

This is a review for the PC port of the SEGA title Binary Domain. The PS3 and Xbox 360 experiences are in all honesty probably more fun, run better and have better controls.

I found myself yelling “CHARGE!” into my microphone at 2am in an effort to move my troops forward in the new game Binary Domain. This wasn’t a gesture I was making because I was so into the game, the same kind of gesture a gamer makes when turning the controller in hopes that their actual movements might make their character move just that perfect amount. Rather this was something I’d have to do in order to actually get my troops to be effective in combat. I pity my neighbors. Read on good citizen.

Hey Binary Domain! Why Are You Making It Hard For Me To Play You?!

by on April 27, 2012 >> First ImpressionsPCPreviewsPS3Xbox

Very rarely do I think that a shooter needs to be played on a console. The control of a mouse and keyboard is always more responsive and accurate just based on it’s nature. It’s a better control scheme. Why is Binary Domain so stupid and trying to force me to play with a controller but then making it really hard for me to play with any controller I want? The game has only been out for an hour and I’ve never been so frustrated in all my life. Read on for this whiny nerd rage filled post.

Review: The Walking Dead Episode 1

by on April 26, 2012 >> PCPS3ReviewsXbox

I had lost faith in Telltale Games for a while. They simply weren’t delivering the products that they promised me and I had become annoyed with the latter half of Back to the Future and all of Jurassic Park was a giant mess to me. It’s safe to say that I had zero interest when going into The Walking Dead, the latest episodic game from Telltale… but they have full redeemed themselves. The Walking Dead is everything I could possibly want it to be, and things I didn’t even know I wanted from an episodic game or any game for that matter. Read on for the full review.

Must Watch: Crysis 3 Trailer Surprisingly Cool

by on April 24, 2012 >> NewsPCPS3TrailersVideosXbox

I didn’t like Crysis 2. I had a lot of issues with the boring story, the lack of connection to the character, and most of all the environment being the same all the time. I loved the jungle and island settings the first Crysis game because it had naturally occurring differences when I went from one place to another. Crysis 2 lacked that and lacked the organic feel and beauty of the first. Now Crysis 3 blends the two games together with a domed NYC that’s been taken over by jungle growth and the alien menace. Now it’s up to you to wipe them out and take the city back. I feel like this could really redeem the series for me and be the best that the franchise has offered to date. Click to watch the trailer.

Must Watch: Trailer for Bethesda’s Dishonored

by on April 17, 2012 >> PCPS3TrailersVideosXbox

Bethesda makes games that I love. It really is that simple, and while Prey 2’s fate is up in the air still this new game Dishonored certainly has my interest. You play as a supernatural assassin, driven by revenge. The visual style here is very cool. Part futuristic, part past. Very Nikola Tesla inspired. Giant stilt walking men with fire arrows and Tesla coils that burn people alive. I’m so in. Oh and not to mention the awesome assassin/stealth based gameplay. Click to watch the trailer.

Watch: Teaser for 2013’s Star Trek (The Game)

by on April 17, 2012 >> PCPS3TrailersVideosXbox

A lot of gamers have said that JJ Abrams’ version of Star Trek feels a lot like Mass Effect. That’s not actually a bad thing at all. They’re both about the characters, the tech and the story after all. So now we have a game that looks similar to Mass Effect in that it’s a 3rd person shooter in space with cool visuals and over the top action. But will it capitalize on the story and Characters of Star Trek or will this be more akin to Gears of War? Take a look at the teaser and tell us what you think. Click to watch.

Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut coming this summer…

by on April 5, 2012 >> PCPS3VideosXbox

Am I excited? Nope.

The good: It’s a free DLC.
The bad: It’s essentially just more cutscenes “explaining” the craptastic “endings” to the game.

On a positive note, it would be very, very hard for these additional scenes to actually make the end of the game worse, so there is that going for it…

Click through for additional info from BioWare.

Kinect Star Wars Murdered My Childhood

by on April 4, 2012 >> NewsVideosXbox

Star Wars has been a love of mine for decades now. I have a Star Wars tattoo, I love the movies and even in the movies I don’t like I find things that love and hold onto them tightly… And then things like this happen. Read on for the atrocity that is Kinect Star Wars

Review: Sine Mora

by on March 25, 2012 >> ReviewsXbox

Bullet Hell is a scary place. The entire genre of the bullet hell shooter can be intimidating even to the experienced gamer. Some people shy away from it because the difficulty factor is so high. Sine Mora invites you into Bullet Hell with a diesel punk style, anthropomorphized characters and a fully realized world with a story about rebels taking on an evil empire. Sure it’s not totally original but it’s beautiful to look at, fun to play and features some interesting twists on the Bullet Hell sub-genre of shooters. Click to read the full review.

These Custom Fallout 3 Kicks are Amazing

by on March 21, 2012 >> iPhoneNewsPCPS3Xbox

Jacob Patterson has done it again. He recently did a pair of Ewok themed kicks, has done an entire series of Metal Gear Solid kicks, Gears of War and much more. These shoes feature an ipod touch in each tongue that’s running custom software and apps to have a feel like the pipboy 3000. With them is also a custom made speaker that is shaped like an old school nuclear bomb, much like the bomb in the center of the town of Megaton. On one show is a painting of a suit of Power Armor and on the other is an NCR Ranger from Fallout New Vegas. The shoes have actually been titled “The Vault Dweller Dunks” which is a fantastic name. The tongues were made by Emmanuelabor and if you want a full history on the kicks you can go over to the Custom Sneaker Forum. For a full gallery of images click to continue.

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