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Mass Effect 3: Special Forces Trailer is Awesome

by on January 27, 2012 >> PCPS3TrailersVideosXbox

I usually skip out on the multiplayer experience when I get a new game. I’m big on story and immersion, and I’m not big on kids talking like a bunch of douche bags. Looks like Mass Effect 3 is going to blend the greatness that can come from a good co-op experience and blend story into it. In fact from what we know Mass Effect 3’s co-op experience can effect all your single player campaign giving you more of a reason to play. The new trailer shows off the special forces mode and how different races/classes have different abilities and working together will keep you alive longer. I suggest watching the full trailer in HD with the volume turned up. Click to watch the greatness.

The 72 Pins Podcast 49: Bane on a Plane

by on December 15, 2011 >> Podcast

The VGAs, Batman, the Joker, Mark Hamill, BioWare, trailers, zombies + Uncharted, douchebags, and about 50 other things are discussed in this episode.

[audio:|titles=Episode 49: Bane on a Plane]

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Zombie’s Building Forts, Survival and Scrounging? Not Minecraft, it’s FortNite

by on December 10, 2011 >> NewsVideos

Epic games unveiled a new IP at the VGAs with Fortnight. The CGI trailer showed some gameplay elements involving scrounging for resources, building forts, and surviving against the oncoming zombie hoards. Yes it sounds like minecraft, and I’m guessing that’s where Epic got the idea, but it appears to have much more polish and a stronger emphasis on the survival aspect than the creation aspect. It also takes place in an urban environment. Watch the trailer below and tell us what you think.

Minecraft 1.7 Preview and more

by on June 15, 2011 >> E3 2011NewsPCVideosXbox

1.7 is coming soon and it’s bringing a new mechanical twist with pistons. A whole lot can now be done to change your building on the fly with the flip of a switch. I can’t wait to see what kind of crazy contraptions we’ll see first. The mechanical door with sliding stairs is one of the best inventions I’ve seen in a minecraft game and I hope they plant the blueprints on how to make it right away. Remember the XBox 360 trailer? Want to see another?