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Totally Lame Robot’s Doom Inspired SNES Mod

by on February 11, 2012 >> Videos

I’m loving this new series by Totally Lame Robot. She’s started the Case Modders Network which is a showcase for other modders to show off their work and doing her series where she talks about working at Gamestop and more while playing Call of Duty (and making all the boys look bad and now she has a bad ass retro case mod with a SNES that’s inspired by DOOM! How cool is that? Who mods a SNES anymore? TOTALLY LAME ROBOT! THAT’S WHO! Click to watch the creation process in video form.

MUST WATCH: Case Mod Showcase Episode 1

by on February 6, 2012 >> NewsPCVideosXbox

Totally Lame Robot is at it again with her Case Modders Network show: Case Mod Showcase. We absolutely insist you subscribe to BOTH of her YouTube Channels and support this up and coming star in the world of modding, gaming and nerd culture. Links to both channels and Episode 1 of the new show after the jump.

Case Modding for Noobs with Totally Lame Robot: Volume 1

by on January 21, 2012 >> PS3VideosWiiXbox

We have a strong love for Totally Lame Robot here at The72Pins. We think she’s fantastic, has done some amazing mods in the past and now she wants to share all her amazing skills with YOU! This volume one in what is sure to be a very in depth, multi-part video series to help you become a better modder. I myself am going to take what she has to offer here and try to make my own modded cast in the near future… or at the very least attempt it, fail, beg her to do it for me, and then show it off like I’m a complete modding bad ass. So strap in boys and girls and watch this introduction to being less of a case modding noob. Click to watch the video.

Totally Lame Robot Mods: Xbox 360 Slim Damaged Ammo Case

by on December 18, 2011 >> NewsXbox

Pretty amazing design from Brittney Scott the Totally Lame Robot who has knocked it out of the park yet again with another 360 mod. This time it’s her first Xbox 360 Slim, and I have to say it’s my favorite yet. The design is simple, dignified and tells a story. It’s art meeting tech in a perfect way. What do you think of it? For a full slideshow click here.

Totally Lame Robot Mods: Bioshock Xbox 360 Case Mod

by on November 12, 2011 >> VideosXbox

Our friend Brittney Scott, the Totally Lame Robot has been hard at work on her most recent mod, a Bioschock themed Xbox 360. We think it’s pretty awesome and if you want it, you can buy it! The starting bid is $229 so get on it while you can! CLICK HERE FOR EBAY LINK. Full video of the xbox after the jump.

Totally Lame Robot: Creeper Controller for sale!

by on September 30, 2011 >> VideosXbox

Typically, you won’t find Totally Lame Robot mods for sale anywhere. You can check ’em out on YouTube, but that’s it. This Minecraft based Xbox 360 controller on the other hand, is available to buy right here. Since the game’s coming to Xbox 360 soon, I’d recommend checking out this controller right now rather than later, as it’s both very cool and extremely limited (one of a kind). Watch the video for the making of after the break.

Totally Lame Robot Mods: The Zombie Cube!

by on September 19, 2011 >> Videos

Just in time for Resident Evil 4’s release (on a newer platform) Totally Lame Robot has this badass Zombified Gamecube complete with blood, teeth, and fleshy bits.

Check it out, along with a making-of video after the break.

Totally Lame Robot Mods: Customizing Your Xbox 360 Controller

by on July 17, 2011 >> VideosXbox

Once again Brittney has made another video about customizing in the world of gaming, but this time it’s a simple guide on how to do cosmetic changes to your Xbox 360 controller. Check it out.

Totally Lame Robot Mods: MW3 Xbox 360

by on July 16, 2011 >> VideosXbox

Once again Brittney has created a very cool mode, this time it’s an XBox 360 case. Last time Brittney did a custom Halo 3 Spartan Helmet which was very cool. Even though the game is months away, props to Brittney for making one of the cooler fan mods we’ve seen in a long time. Click to see the making of video.

Totally Lame Robot Mods: Halo 3 Legendary Edition Helmet

by on July 13, 2011 >> VideosXbox

Our good friend Totally Lame Robot aka Brittney has made another terrific mod. This time it’s a custom paint job of the helmet that comes with Halo 3 Legendary Edition. Pretty cool details here. I’m thinking about ordering a second Legendary Edition just to get one done. Click on to see the entire process.