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Watch the new Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance trailer from Jump Festa 2012

by on December 19, 2011 >> 3DSVideos

The original Kingdom Hearts was fun. Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance also appears to be fun. My only complaint is: why can’t we get a 3DS trailer that just goes full screen with all its pixelated goodness? Check out 8 minutes of half screen pixelated goodness after the break.

Take a guided tour of Final Fantasy XIII-2

by on December 12, 2011 >> PS3VideosXbox

Let YouTube (and Square Enix) be your guide in this four and a half minute long video detailing the features of the next Final Fantasy game. Check it out after the break.

Look at the environments of Final Fantasy XIII-2

by on December 7, 2011 >> PS3VideosXbox

Square knows how to make a good looking game, and luckily this time we won’t have to walk down a straight line to see it. Check out a few of the environments we’ll actually be able to explore in just over a month in this new trailer after the break.

Trailer: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Battle In Valhalla

by on November 23, 2011 >> PS3VideosXbox

Pink vs Purple, who will emerge victorious? This all CG trailer shows a battle between “adults” rather than the pre-teen looking primary cast of the game, and kind of makes me wish this was the game we were getting instead. Even though I can’t stand Lightning’s new outfit, and her full purple opponent looks equally retarded, I’d still prefer it over her sister who looks like she’s 12 and made Snow feel like the biggest pedophile ever in XIII. That being said, I’ll still play this to see what changes and improvements they made to XIII’s incredibly awesome battle system.

Check out the trailer after the break.

Watch the opening cinematic of Final Fantasy Type-0

by on October 26, 2011 >> PSPVideos

I can’t stress enough how much I want this game to come to North America as soon as possible, and I think this video proves my point. It’s serious, violent, action packed, and infinitely more interesting than anything coming out about January’s Final Fantasy XIII-2. The game releases tomorrow (technically today) in Japan and while Famitsu magazine isn’t always the most reliable about scores, they did give it a 39 out of 40 (three 10s and a 9 from four reviewers) and after playing the demo myself, I’m not surprised one bit. This game is the best thing happening in the Final Fantasy universe right now other than Versus XIII (but who knows how long it will be until that’s released) and I really can’t wait to play it. Come on Square Enix, get this game over here now.

Check out the 10 minute intro after the break.

Download “The Missing Link” DLC for Deus Ex: Human Revolution today

by on October 18, 2011 >> PCPS3VideosXbox

“Tortured by Belltower agents and with his augmentations disabled, Adam Jensen must escape from a freighter destined for an unknown location. Jensen uncovers a new layer of conspiracy, befriends new allies, and fights ruthless enemies to discover what was happening in the shadows during the events of DEUS EX: HUMAN REVOLUTION!”

This DLC is available to download right now for $14.99 and contains ten new achievements / trophies and 250 Xbox Gamerscore points if you’re playing on a 360 (obviously). If you’re still up in the air on whether or not it’s worth your cash, check out a short trailer featuring brightly colored guns, bloody, and cybernetically enhanced explosions after the break.

Two flavors of Final Fantasy Type-0 Gameplay

by on October 14, 2011 >> PSPVideos

Have twelve minutes to watch some Japanese gameplay from Final Fantasy Type-0? How about three minutes? Square Enix is all about the options today, and being helpful to people with a busy schedule. Type-0 is just days away from release in Japan, with no plans for a North American release as of yet (sadly) but that doesn’t mean we can’t watch videos (or play the demo) ourselves. I loved the demo of this, so lets hope Square Enix gets some North American release plans ready ASAP.

Check out both videos after the break.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 “Changes the Future”

by on October 14, 2011 >> Comic-ConPS3VideosXbox

Check out this new (long) trailer for Final Fantasy XIII-2 from New York Comic-Con to get an explanation of time travel, action, story, crappy music and more. And as a bonus, you can watch it in either English or Japanese (and in PS3 or Xbox 360 versions)! Now, if only Square Enix would give us the same choice in the game itself… I’m still not quite sure what to think of XIII-2 itself, but I will be playing it regardless, and you can expect the review early next year.

Check it out for yourself after the break.

Watch Square Enix’s little demons make a bloody mess

by on October 13, 2011 >> PSVITAVideos

Army Corps of Hell AKA 地獄の軍団 AKA Square Enix’s mystery title from a while back kind of looks like Pikmin with a thirst for blood (even though it really isn’t) which is at the same time hilarious and quite entertaining. There’s still no official word on whether this will even make its way over to the US, but this little burst of gameplay is worth checking out regardless. Check it out after the break.

“Run for Your Life” from 16 minutes of Hitman: Absolution gameplay

by on October 11, 2011 >> PCPS3VideosXbox

This is the full run through of the teaser we saw yesterday, and as expected it’s pretty cool. Now we just need Square Enix to release it as a demo so we can actually “run for our lives” or technically, force other (slower and dumber) people to run for their lives. Either way, Hitman’s shaping up nicely for its release next year, and we’ll let you know when more of it’s ready to see (and hopefully play) in action. Check it out after the break.

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