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Review: Goon

by on February 25, 2012 >> MoviesReviews

I hate puns when it comes to movie reviews but Goon really is Rocky meets hockey with a comedy edge. Sean William Scott stars as the dimwitted but totally lovable Doug Glatt, a bounce at a night club who one night at a hockey game gets into a fight with a player. Soon he’s recruited into the local minor team league and before he knows it he’s an enforcer. The movie has an incredibly fast pace as Doug shoots right up into the farms, the league below the NHL. Here Doug is tasked with protecting an underachieving young hockey start up named Xavier Laflamme. After getting a massive hit that took him out of the game for a while Laflamme has lost his edge, his courage and is now a coward out on the ice. It’s up to Doug to set Laflamme straight and protect him. Read on for the full review.