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Review in Progress – Diablo III: Day 1

by on May 15, 2012 >> PC

The world was ready to log on at 12:01am PST as Diablo III’s servers went online. Gamers from all over had their copies installed and ready to go. I was on Skype with my good friend Sean who had actually introduced me to the series a whole decade ago when Diablo II was out and we were both just out of high school. There we are, accounts ready to go and the flood gates opened. Diablo III went live and Error 37 was born. North America wouldn’t be able to play for a whole hour and a half while server issues were worked out. Keep reading for our first day of gaming.

Must Watch: Diablo III TV Spot. Evil is BACK!

by on April 29, 2012 >> PCTrailersVideos

We spent our time with the Diablo III Beta which was informative to say the least. We loved how classically old school it was while retaining a new look and visual feel. It’s a pretty game with a lot going for it, especially it’s multiplayer content. Now Blizzard has launched a new TV trailer where they smartly punctuate that it’s for both PC and MAC. Basically any computer in the world is going to be able to play this game. I’ve even seen the beta run on a Mac Book Air. That’s saying a lot. Watch the gorgeous trailer below.

Watch: Trailer for F2P Game – Loadout

by on March 2, 2012 >> NewsPCTrailersVideos

I’m starting to think that PC gaming in the near future is going to be almost exclusively free2play when it comes to a lot of the FPS games on the market. More and more developers are creating these truly engaging shooter experiences that rival their AAA name counterparts in style and fun and they happen to be free. Gotham City Imposters should have been free, but we all saw how that went. Now another game joins the ranks: Loadout. Loadout is all about customization. Customizing your weapon and character to suit how you want to play. Looks pretty cool, over the top violent and blood. I’m definitely in. Click to watch the trailer… soooo much blood.

Sega Hosting Jet Set Radio Graffiti Contest

by on February 28, 2012 >> PCPS3Xbox

Are you a street artist or graphic designer? Think you have what it takes to add an official tag to the Jet Set Radio graffiti library? GOOD! Sega is hosting a contest where 18 winners will have their artwork imported into the updated version of the Dreamcast classic. Prizes include a drink shaker that looks like a Jet Set Radio themed spray paint can, a Jet Set Radio Hoodie, 2 copies of the game and a solar powered boom blue tooth speaker system for your iPhone or other MP3 device. Pretty cool swag actually. Read all about the contest here.

8 Bit Zelda PC Case Mod Is Awesome

by on February 27, 2012 >> 3DSDSNewsPCWiiWii U

The 8-Bit Builder, Richard Clinton has made a PC Case mod out of wooden blocks that’s shaped like the Legend of Zelda hero Link. With light up sword intact, the creation of this case mode can be seen from start to finish. Small wooden blocks were glued together 1 by 1 until finally a sturdy frame was in place. Add wiring, PC components and you’ve got yourself a handsome little PC. What do you guys think of it? Check out his Facebook Page and Etsy shop. Click to watch the creation in video form.

Kent VS Minecraft: Episode 11

by on February 20, 2012 >> PCVideos

Finally finishing my fort… but is a roof and four walls really enough to keep the creepers away? Apparently not. Not as long of an episode as I usually make but after a late in the episode Creeper attack I’d had enough for a while. Check back Wednesday and Friday for all new episodes of Kent VS Minecraft! Click to watch the episode.

Kent VS Minecraft: Episode 10

by on February 17, 2012 >> PCVideos

Hey everyone! Welcome back to Kent vs Minecraft. Rather than post on a daily basis we’re moving this show to a 3 times a week segment. I’ll be playing for around 45 minutes a week, which may drag the show out longer than necessary but I’m just trying to make it easier to have more content here for you guys. I have a new episode ready to go on Monday and I’ll be filming a few more tonight to prep for Wednesday and next Friday. That’s the schedule, Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I hope you enjoy Episode 10 and subscribe to our youtube channel. We only need 3 more of you to reach 100 subs. Click here to watch it.

MUST WATCH: Case Mod Showcase Episode 1

by on February 6, 2012 >> NewsPCVideosXbox

Totally Lame Robot is at it again with her Case Modders Network show: Case Mod Showcase. We absolutely insist you subscribe to BOTH of her YouTube Channels and support this up and coming star in the world of modding, gaming and nerd culture. Links to both channels and Episode 1 of the new show after the jump.

Mass Effect’s Voice Cast Has Some New Faces… Literally

by on January 31, 2012 >> NewsPCPS3TrailersVideosXbox

Mass Effect 3 has one of the most solid voice casts out there and the series seemingly keeps growing with new characters including James Vega, a gruff soldier played by Freddie Prinze Jr. There’s also the addition of Jessica Chobot and her likeness as Diana Allers. Chobot has been one of the big names over at IGN and around the web for her good looks and legitimate love of gaming, so it’s nice to see her get her dues in a large title like this. Returning cast members include Keith David, Martin Sheen, Tricia Helfer, Seth Green and more. The full video reveal gives a bit of insight into all the characters and how they recorded, which surprisingly includes Seth Green and Tricia Helfer working together in the same booth. I’ve met Seth Green and he’s an incredibly short man, and I’ve seen Tricia Helfer in person and she’s rather tall. Seeing them in a booth together for a piece of dialog where Seth’s character, Joker, is being a bit dickish is hilarious. Click to watch the full video after the jump.

Kent VS Minecraft: Episodes 1-3

by on January 30, 2012 >> PCVideos

I’ve started a new daily series over on our YouTube channel The72Pins where I play Minecraft on Hardcore mode. I’m only putting up 15 minutes a day so I already have a lot of episodes ready to go over the next week. Now if this series goes well I may move into another game and put up Kent VS whatever else I’m playing. Here are the first three episodes, I hope you enjoy them and be sure to subscribe. Click to jump to the first three episodes.

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