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D-Box Review: The Avengers

by on May 4, 2012 >> MoviesReviews

I’ve been reading comics the majority of my life. Ever since my parents named me after the last son of Krypton I’ve had a strong attachment to comic as a form of entertainment. Whether it was picking up a large bundle of Marvel or DC comics at Costco (where it was cheapest and meant for resale at a news stand) or scrounging through the dollar comic bins at my local comic and trading card post (the long gone Cooper’s Town Comics), comics have always been an escape. Comics can be anything and tell any story the author wants to tell. We’ve had comics about alien invasions, best friends in high school, murder mysteries, impossible to kill super heroes and even cancer. Movies based on comics with all those themes have been made as well. Everything from Scott Pilgrim to American Splendor to Richie Rich. And of course there are the greats like Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, The Mighty Thor, The Invincible Iron Man and now they’re finally together in a film and The Avengers is the most beautifully bombastic thrill rides you can take in theaters this year. Keep reading as I praise this glorious film that is all things nerds love.

Avengers Pre-Game! Netflix Has You Covered

by on April 30, 2012 >> ComicsMoviesReviews

Are you Jonesing for some Avengers? Can’t wait to plop your butt down in that seat this upcoming weekend and watch Loki and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes do battle? Or maybe you just want to explore a bit more of the other interpretations that The Avengers have had over the years. Either way Netflix totally has you covered. The majority of what Marvel is offering on Netflix right now is their animated features they made in partnership with Lionsgate. Sadly these can be pretty hit or miss but there are a few other items that make me squee like a little girl who just saw Justin Bieber. We’ll give you the full run down. Read on.