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PAX First Impressions: Prey 2

by on August 27, 2011 >> PAXPCPreviewsPS3VideosXbox

If I was excited for Prey 2 before PAX, my anticipation is off the charts after today’s live stage demo. The game looks amazing, with the “alien noir” atmosphere of bright neon colors against dark shadowy backgrounds. And in addition to the incredible graphics (seriously this game looks really good) the gameplay is everything I was hoping for and more. Read on for all the details.

Watch the Third (and final) Commentary on Prey 2

by on August 23, 2011 >> PCPS3VideosXbox

It’s been a while since part 2, but now at long last we have the final installment of the Prey 2 trailer commentaries. I really can’t wait for this game to hit, especially if it delivers on its potential.

Click through for the trailer.

Watch the Commentary on Prey 2: Part 2

by on August 2, 2011 >> PCPS3VideosXbox

Pursuit! Yes, that’s the main thing happening here as we get a few new details on what to expect from Prey 2’s gameplay. We’ve said it before, and I’m sure we’ll say it again, in fact I’m about to right now: Prey 2 is shaping up to be pretty incredible and right now it looks so much better than the first game that you have to wonder why they’re even related. That being said, we won’t know for sure until we actually get to play the game (although a long form gameplay trailer should be a pretty good indication too). Check out this short trailer and its accompanied Developer Commentary, and stay tuned for Part 3 (the final part) in the near future.

Watch the Prey 2 Teaser with Developer Commentary

by on July 19, 2011 >> PCPS3VideosXbox

I guess this sort of thing is becoming more common now, it seems with every new day we’ve got a new trailer, or rather an old trailer with a new commentary. Up today is the initial teaser for Prey 2. Ahh yes, I remember first watching this trailer and thinking while it was pretty cool as far as trailers go, I wasn’t excited for the total departure from Prey 1 at all. Oh how the times have changed. As far as the here and now go, I can’t wait to play this game (planned for release in March 2012) and it’s looking so much better than what we got from the first game.

Watch and listen here for what Game Director Chris Rhinehart has to say, and stay tuned for Prey 2 Dev Commentary part 2, coming soon.

Prey 2 – Bounty Trailer

by on June 3, 2011 >> E3 2011PCPS3VideosXbox

I don’t know about you, but I’ve pretty much gone full circle on my impressions of Prey 2. What started as minor annoyance that the game would be almost nothing like the original has turned into excitement over this open world shooter that could very well be a much better game than Prey 1. Even though this trailer is more of a CG look at how the gameplay might be, rather than an in engine look, it’s still pretty cool and does its job of making me want to see more from the game.

Prey 2 Live Action Teaser delivers the shakeycam

by on March 16, 2011 >> NewsPCPS3VideosXbox

Yes, this is the correct video, although it might not seem like it for the first minute or so.

I’m not really a huge fan of live action teasers, but once the action starts kicking in on this, it’s actually kind of cool. I thought Prey 1 was a pretty good game, even though it was a bit on the easy side considering you couldn’t die, so I’m reasonably excited for the sequel – even though playing as some military-ish guy is nowhere near as interesting as a sick of the reservation life Native American.

I guess the real question is, how many giant wall-vaginas will we have to go through this time? Hundreds? Thousands?