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Marvel Heroes Picks up Diablo Formula

by on May 22, 2012 >> NewsPCTrailersVideos

We’ve known Marvel wanted to do an MMO for a while now and that it was going to be free to play. Looks like the game is less like WoW and more like Diablo. Choosing to go over head, point and click action rather than the macro centric giant world with millions of players that we’ve known from so many MMOs in the past. Even the game’s levels will be randomly designed like Diablo and it can be played solo or with friends. With free to play of course will come the options to pay for content we’re sure. We also know that the game will you playing as well known Marvel characters rather than creating your own like DC Universe Online. This can be hit or miss for fans as it becomes more about branding with the already established characters rather than letting players explore the Marvel world along side known characters. It could attract more players because of that, but could also stunt it’s growth as players won’t feel unique. Keep reading for mor details and a trailer with in game footage.

Hawken A Free to Play Mech Combat FPS

by on February 6, 2012 >> NewsPCTrailersVideos

A few years ago free to play meant games along the lines of Farmville. Since then Free to Play has been attributed to games like DC Universe Online, Star Trek Online, World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings Online, Conan Online, Battlefield Free and Battlefield Heroes. Very few of those games feature next level grpahics and addictive gameplay that push their genre forward. WoW only went free to play for the first 20 levels and the rest either exist with a simple structure or went free to play due to lack of funding and have to now live on a freemium structure. Hawken looks to go Free to Play this coming December and be a gorgeous and addictive FPS with mech warrior sensibilities. Click to watch the trailer

Microsoft Flight is a Free to Play PC Flight Sim. We’re in!

by on January 4, 2012 >> CESNewsPC

Microsoft has been king of flight simulators for more than a decade. Some set ups are so robust that they mimic actual cockpits, and many pilots use it to keep sharp and train. It’s simply fantastic. But now we have a free to play version coming out, which will debut at CES. Simply called Microsoft Flight the game will feature a few planes at launch with the islands of Hawaii to buzz around. We’re guessing that this game’s nature will be that it’s free to play at start, but if you want to explore more of the world you’ll simply need to buy more content. This is great because it allows players to make the game exactly what they want it to be. Want to buzz around some gorgeous islands in a small prop plane? Go for it! Want to take off in something a little more powerful and fly from China to New York? Do it! The game will launch with the Icon A5, the definitive small sport aircraft, which looks incredible as you can see in the trailers below. For the full press release and trailers click here.

PAX Preview: Firefall

by on August 27, 2011 >> PAXPCPreviewsVideos

Ads for Firefall are plastered everywhere at PAX this year, so we knew we’d have to try it and see what it was all about. Read on for both of our thoughts.

Watch the Tribes: Ascend Gameplay Teaser

by on June 28, 2011 >> PCVideos

I played the first Tribes as much as I could back in the day, although I’m not really sure how it managed to be playable on a sub 26k modem connection, so I’m quite excited to play it again in 2011 with a much faster connection and infinitely better graphics. As long as the gameplay holds up, and from what we’ve seen so far it looks to be pretty entertaining, Tribes: Ascend should be a solid, fun time. And the fact that it will be free-to-play means I’ll definitely be checking it out this fall when it hits the PC. I mean, it has to be worth at least zero dollars, right?

If you want to play the game ASAP, you can also register for the beta over at

Team Fortress 2 is Officially Free To Play… SO GO PLAY IT!

by on June 23, 2011 >> NewsPC

There ya go folks… Team Fortress 2 is officially free to play on Steam. Valve has rung out as much as they can from the game in sales and is now giving it away and making back their money with microtransactions. That’s right… hats, weapons, outfits… shit like that. So go play for free on Steam right now!

Free to play games have arrived on Steam

by on June 14, 2011 >> NewsPC

Starting today, June 14th, five free to play games have become available on Steam, and I’m just gonna go out on a limb here and say that it’s pretty likely more will arrive in the future. Right now, we can play Global Agenda: Free Agent, Champions Online: Free for All, Spiral Knights (which Kent’s a big fan of and I intend to try out), Forsaken World, and Alliance of Valiant Arms, all through our Steam Accounts and of course we can now purchase in game items with the Steam wallet.

In my opinion, every PC game should be available on Steam (it just makes things so simple and easy) so this is great news to my ears. And if you’re a fan of Steam Achievements, you’ll be happy to hear that both Spiral Knights and Champions Online support them (Champions has a ridiculous 712 achievements) so if you have no money but plenty of time to spare, there’s no reason not to try one of these out. I’m downloading Spiral Knights as I type this, and after I get in a few hours with the Duke tonight, I may just have to try it out.

First Impressions: Spiral Knights, Sega’s Free To Play MMO

by on April 11, 2011 >> First ImpressionsPCVideos

I’ve never been a big fan of free to play games, but here I’ve found one that I really enjoy. Sega has made a really simple top down MMO featuring cute graphics, and simple play mechanics. You start out as a customized knight who’s crashed his/her ship on an alien. It’s now up to you to find your way home by battling through dungeons of baddies with friends. The game has a Phantasy Star Online feel at first with small groups of friends going out and battling enemies but mix that with a action RPG game like old school Zelda and you’re closer to the mark.

As you progress through the game you get new goodies and gadgets and can make your character look more unique. The weapons are varied between long range and short range allowing you to play any way you like. Whether you’re there to just mingle with people, hang out and play games or jump into the adventure you’re going to have fun.

So far my interaction with the game has been good and I’m really enjoying it. The gameplay is kind of casual, so casual in fact that you could play one handed, using only the mouse with the occasional keyboard tap to switch weapons. If you’re looking for a great Free to Play MMO that will run on basically anything, even Mac and Linux, then check out Spiral Knights.