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Tiny Wings Review… Taking the Angry out of Angry Birds

by on March 2, 2011 >> iPhoneReviews

I don’t know what it is about cute birds doing interesting things and iPhone games, but the trend has been set and more apps featuring our flightless versions of our winged friends are finding their ways onto the app store. The latest game in this trend is Tiny Wings, a game that takes two of the most important elements in making a successful game, flow and momentum and puts them at the forefront of it’s mechanics.

Many game designers have talked about what it takes to make a great game and many agree that it’s this thing they call “flow”. How well does the game move from one objective to the next. How is the action broken up, and how can you keep players moving forward and progressing. Tiny Wings does that brilliantly by having only one objective… go right! As a tiny bird with tiny wings you want to get as much air time as possible. To do this you tuck your wings up and make your body heavy, sliding into the crevasses and valleys of different hills. Letting go as you slide up the rise of the hill gets you air time, and then you have to figure out the propper to to tap the screen again, tuck in your wings and slide into the next valley and shoot out it’s other side. It’s really that simple, but it’s simplicity is part of the charm.

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Review: Minecraft World Explorer

by on February 9, 2011 >> iPhonePCReviews

Minecraft is one of my favorite gaming titles of all time. It’s objective is open, it’s narrative is non-existent, leaving the story up to the player to develop. In the most simple way of the game truly lets the player do what his title suggests… play. Giving you a simplistic tool set and an interesting visual style, the game pushes you to explore, build and create. It’s beautiful. So now when I heard that Minecraft has a map editor tool that mirrors the way the game plays and that it’s on the iPhone and iPad, I got excited. Find out why, and if it lived up to my expectations after the jump.

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