Review: The Amazing Spider-Man – The Game

by on July 23, 2012 >> PS3ReviewsXbox

The Amazing Spider-Man is a strange game in that it’s a sequel to a movie that many people wrote off simply because it’s a reboot of a film franchise that ended less than a decade ago. For that reason alone many of the people who might want to play this game, which is actually rather well done, may be turned off. The story picks up moments after the movie ends and right away spoils who lives an dies in the film as well as many other events pertaining to the characters and how they relate to each other. For that reason talking about the game’s story will be incredibly limited in this review. But to see if it’s worthy of adding to your collection, renting or passing over, keep reading.

Review: Piranha 3DD

by on June 1, 2012 >> MoviesReviews

There’s no way I can act like Piranha 3DD is a good movie, it’s not trying to be. Piranha 3DD is trying to be a fun movie and for a while it is. It gets in with a silly plot, some nudity, sex and violence, a dash of comedy and gets out just soon enough that you can’t complain about it’s length, lack of content or and cohesive plot. At just over 70 minutes, the movie never wears out it’s welcome, but it comes ever so close to that border. Read on for this incredibly short review for an incredibly short film.

Review: Resistance – Burning Skies

by on May 30, 2012 >> PSVITAReviews

Burning Skies offers the first FPS for the Playstation Vita, a system that finally has the potential to be a hand held where first person shooters can live, be playable and a lot of fun. With dual analog sticks, touch controls and more, the Vita seems like a natural fit for the genre, especially with it’s impressive graphical capabilities, robust online features and PSN integration. The Resistance franchise is tied directly to this generation of playstation systems and their success in the world of exclusives. Along with Killzone, Resistance has been a series that FPS players have been proud to call one of their favorites and with a name and pedigree like that you’d think that a jump into the hand held market on Sony’s new flagship system would be a brilliant choice and a no brainer. Unfortunately Burning Skies ends up coming off poorly. Read on to see why this game misses the mark in nearly everything it tries to nail down.

Review: Diablo III

by on May 22, 2012 >> PCReviews

The RPG genre can offer so much and in so many different ways that it’s hard to actually say there is an “RPG Genre” at all. Diablo is proof of that as you are playing a role in a game but the game is not about you or your role. In fact at most you are a tool to help dozens of other people solve their problems because of lack of ability. It’s almost as if you’re a super powered gofer who has no agenda of their own, nor could you. The goal is to be good, stop evil, and occasionally get things for other people in order to make their lives slightly better… and when you look at Diablo III like that, it’s mystique starts to wear off and you realize that it’s entire charm is it’s ability to tease you with the next magical item that will make you feel bad ass. Keep reading for more.

Review: Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition

by on May 9, 2012 >> ReviewsXbox

Back in 2010 a basically unheard of Swedish game designer made Minecraft as a small indie PC game. The game was about randomly generated worlds, creating and destroying and having fun. Mining the world for resources in order to create your dream home had the feel of Legos on the PC, and almost any computer could run it. Eventually the game changed thanks to it’s audience being able to join the Beta for a low cost and soon the game became a giant hit with people playing in strictly a creative fashion, a survival fashion and with friends in giant worlds filled with monuments to the things they love including retro gaming and internet memes. To call it one of the biggest and most important games in history is an understatement. So why do I feel like the Xbox 360 players are getting shafted? (no pun intended). Keep reading to see why the 360 version of Minecraft just doesn’t quite measure up.

Review: Mortal Kombat Vita

by on May 7, 2012 >> PSVITAReviews

There’s no denying that the Playstation Vita has a strong library of games for a system that’s only been out for a few months. With games that have also been on home consoles like Rayman Origins, MLB 12 The Show, Lego Harry Potter and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 all arriving and all being incredibly good it’s safe to assume that Nether Realm Studios would also be able to port their award winning fighter to the Vita and make just as playable and fun. Nether Realm did just that, and more by adding Vita Specific modes and mechanics that make it worthy of the full price… but there are some draw backs. Read on to see why this hand held carnage is worth the investment.

D-Box Review: The Avengers

by on May 4, 2012 >> MoviesReviews

I’ve been reading comics the majority of my life. Ever since my parents named me after the last son of Krypton I’ve had a strong attachment to comic as a form of entertainment. Whether it was picking up a large bundle of Marvel or DC comics at Costco (where it was cheapest and meant for resale at a news stand) or scrounging through the dollar comic bins at my local comic and trading card post (the long gone Cooper’s Town Comics), comics have always been an escape. Comics can be anything and tell any story the author wants to tell. We’ve had comics about alien invasions, best friends in high school, murder mysteries, impossible to kill super heroes and even cancer. Movies based on comics with all those themes have been made as well. Everything from Scott Pilgrim to American Splendor to Richie Rich. And of course there are the greats like Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, The Mighty Thor, The Invincible Iron Man and now they’re finally together in a film and The Avengers is the most beautifully bombastic thrill rides you can take in theaters this year. Keep reading as I praise this glorious film that is all things nerds love.

Avengers Pre-Game! Netflix Has You Covered

by on April 30, 2012 >> ComicsMoviesReviews

Are you Jonesing for some Avengers? Can’t wait to plop your butt down in that seat this upcoming weekend and watch Loki and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes do battle? Or maybe you just want to explore a bit more of the other interpretations that The Avengers have had over the years. Either way Netflix totally has you covered. The majority of what Marvel is offering on Netflix right now is their animated features they made in partnership with Lionsgate. Sadly these can be pretty hit or miss but there are a few other items that make me squee like a little girl who just saw Justin Bieber. We’ll give you the full run down. Read on.

Review: Binary Domain

by on April 29, 2012 >> PCPS3ReviewsXbox

This is a review for the PC port of the SEGA title Binary Domain. The PS3 and Xbox 360 experiences are in all honesty probably more fun, run better and have better controls.

I found myself yelling “CHARGE!” into my microphone at 2am in an effort to move my troops forward in the new game Binary Domain. This wasn’t a gesture I was making because I was so into the game, the same kind of gesture a gamer makes when turning the controller in hopes that their actual movements might make their character move just that perfect amount. Rather this was something I’d have to do in order to actually get my troops to be effective in combat. I pity my neighbors. Read on good citizen.

Review: The Walking Dead Episode 1

by on April 26, 2012 >> PCPS3ReviewsXbox

I had lost faith in Telltale Games for a while. They simply weren’t delivering the products that they promised me and I had become annoyed with the latter half of Back to the Future and all of Jurassic Park was a giant mess to me. It’s safe to say that I had zero interest when going into The Walking Dead, the latest episodic game from Telltale… but they have full redeemed themselves. The Walking Dead is everything I could possibly want it to be, and things I didn’t even know I wanted from an episodic game or any game for that matter. Read on for the full review.

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