Must Watch: God of War – Ascension Announcement Trailer

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KRATOS IS BACK! Well technically this is a prequel that takes it all back to the beginning. Sony is calling it the most ambitious God of War title yet which is a relief. With five different games across three platforms Kratos was getting a little stale. But now here he is ready to crush anything that gets in his way again. If the trailer is to be believed then THERE WILL BE BLOOD… in the spring of 2013. Click to watch.

Must Watch: Trailer for Bethesda’s Dishonored

by on April 17, 2012 >> PCPS3TrailersVideosXbox

Bethesda makes games that I love. It really is that simple, and while Prey 2’s fate is up in the air still this new game Dishonored certainly has my interest. You play as a supernatural assassin, driven by revenge. The visual style here is very cool. Part futuristic, part past. Very Nikola Tesla inspired. Giant stilt walking men with fire arrows and Tesla coils that burn people alive. I’m so in. Oh and not to mention the awesome assassin/stealth based gameplay. Click to watch the trailer.

Watch: Teaser for 2013’s Star Trek (The Game)

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A lot of gamers have said that JJ Abrams’ version of Star Trek feels a lot like Mass Effect. That’s not actually a bad thing at all. They’re both about the characters, the tech and the story after all. So now we have a game that looks similar to Mass Effect in that it’s a 3rd person shooter in space with cool visuals and over the top action. But will it capitalize on the story and Characters of Star Trek or will this be more akin to Gears of War? Take a look at the teaser and tell us what you think. Click to watch.

Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut coming this summer…

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Am I excited? Nope.

The good: It’s a free DLC.
The bad: It’s essentially just more cutscenes “explaining” the craptastic “endings” to the game.

On a positive note, it would be very, very hard for these additional scenes to actually make the end of the game worse, so there is that going for it…

Click through for additional info from BioWare.

These Custom Fallout 3 Kicks are Amazing

by on March 21, 2012 >> iPhoneNewsPCPS3Xbox

Jacob Patterson has done it again. He recently did a pair of Ewok themed kicks, has done an entire series of Metal Gear Solid kicks, Gears of War and much more. These shoes feature an ipod touch in each tongue that’s running custom software and apps to have a feel like the pipboy 3000. With them is also a custom made speaker that is shaped like an old school nuclear bomb, much like the bomb in the center of the town of Megaton. On one show is a painting of a suit of Power Armor and on the other is an NCR Ranger from Fallout New Vegas. The shoes have actually been titled “The Vault Dweller Dunks” which is a fantastic name. The tongues were made by Emmanuelabor and if you want a full history on the kicks you can go over to the Custom Sneaker Forum. For a full gallery of images click to continue.

The Gaming Back Log

by on March 20, 2012 >> PS3Xbox

It’s hard to stay up to date with games on a regular basis. They’re expensive, the investment is hard to justify if you’re a struggling gaming addict and some times you have to just be willing to wait for those special deals. Earlier today I wrote about The Gaming Slump and how we’re going to have to wait until we’re really excited for a new game. Because of that we’re going to dive into the back catalog of games that I know all gamers can relate to. Those games that always interested you but you never got to finish or never got to even start. For myself over the next month I’ll be playing Enslaved, 007 Goldeneye Reloaded and Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 which I picked up for quite the deal on Amazon. I’ll also be reviewing some headphones from Steelseries, the Mass Effect 3 Liara T’Soni Statue when it comes in and a few board games. Just because there’s a slump of new content doesn’t mean we’re not still fully invested in gaming and bringing you entertaining content. Remember you can always go to the LIVE button at the top of the page and catch up live streaming something. I’m currently playing Enslaved and once it’s done I’ll move on from there.

Watch: Dead or Alive 5 Demo – Ayane vs Hitomi

by on March 15, 2012 >> PS3TrailersVideosXbox

I know some of you out there are huge DOA fans and the more we see of DOA 5 the more excited we get. The way the environments affect the matches, the action packed way the camera moves during matches and the new moves and combos are all top notch. Oh and did we mention jiggle physics? They’re on display as normal. Oh and if you get Ninja Gaiden 3 this upcoming week you’ll be get access to the DOA5 Demo. For some that’ll be worth it. Click to watch the demo.

The Mass Effect FPS That Almost Was

by on March 15, 2012 >> NewsPCPS3Xbox

A report coming from Kotaku has revealed that Bioware Montreal was working on developing a first person shooter that would blend the play styles of Battlefield 1943 and Unreal Tournament and wrap it in the glossy sheen of Mass Effect’s universe. This is from the iPad app The Final Hour of Mass Effect 3 which was created by Geoff Keighley, a well respected gaming journalist. The app features images and video of the gameplay and despite all the hate we have towards the series lately (particularly) the ending the app is pretty great and is very insightful. The game was most likely going to be a downloadable stand alone title and was eventually folded into the multi-player co-op that we see in the final product. It was going to be called Mass Effect Team Assaut or META.

Review: Journey

by on March 13, 2012 >> PS3Reviews

ThatGameCompany has this perfect formula for bringing out emotions with a simple story, music and natural game play mechanics. Their latest title, Journey is one of the best gaming experiences I’ve had so far this year and as much as I liked their previous efforts I think it’s their best title to date. Journey is a short platforming adventure title with beautiful design, great controls and style all its own. Playing it is easily one of the best ways to spend an afternoon. Read on about this wonderful PSN title.

Watch: Street Fighter X Tekken Law Combo Video

by on March 13, 2012 >> PCPS3PSVITAVideosXbox

I love a good combo video, especially when it showcases just how ridiculous characters can be in a fighting game. Yes there are concessions to be made like they’re in training mode, and the other character is standing still without blocking or resistance, but even still there’s something impressive about these. Here we have Persona showing what Law is able to do in the new SFxT if given that perfect opportunity. Persona really edits this video well ramping up as they go along

Click to watch

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