Must Watch: Nintendo’s Direct Pre E3 2012 Video

by on June 3, 2012 >> NewsWii U

Nintendo is determined to show us a few things with their new Wii U video reveal. In a way this is to get us hyped up before E3 in hopes that Nintendo delivers what we all want. It succeeds and fails in many different ways while also impressing on us the importance of their new controller and networking features. This video is strictly centered around the upcoming Wii U and despite a giant sketch involving their new online social networking features, has some neat ideas. Take a look for yourself or read what we have to say. Keep reading for the rundown or watch the presentation yourself.

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Might Say Goodbye…

by on May 22, 2012 >> NewsTV

There are apparently a lot of rumors going around that Marvel/Disney may want to cancel the current Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes series in order to make a new Avengers show that takes place in the Ultimate Spider-Man/ Hulk and the Agents of Smash universe. If this is the case then I say Disney is doing things both wrong and incredibly right at the same time. I’ve made it no secret that I think Ultimate Spider-Man is one of the very worst Marvel shows I have ever seen. It is goofy, it’s story lines are horrible, it doesn’t fit into any continuity of Spider-Man that I would ever enjoy and the voice acting is lack luster to horrible (with the exception of Clark Gregg). But why is this a bad thing? Keep reading to find out.

Marvel Heroes Picks up Diablo Formula

by on May 22, 2012 >> NewsPCTrailersVideos

We’ve known Marvel wanted to do an MMO for a while now and that it was going to be free to play. Looks like the game is less like WoW and more like Diablo. Choosing to go over head, point and click action rather than the macro centric giant world with millions of players that we’ve known from so many MMOs in the past. Even the game’s levels will be randomly designed like Diablo and it can be played solo or with friends. With free to play of course will come the options to pay for content we’re sure. We also know that the game will you playing as well known Marvel characters rather than creating your own like DC Universe Online. This can be hit or miss for fans as it becomes more about branding with the already established characters rather than letting players explore the Marvel world along side known characters. It could attract more players because of that, but could also stunt it’s growth as players won’t feel unique. Keep reading for mor details and a trailer with in game footage.

Blizzard and Valve Settle DOTA Disputes

by on May 11, 2012 >> NewsPCTrailersVideos

DOTA is just plain strange. A mod made by some gamers was getting two fully fledged sequels from the two biggest studios in PC gaming and then they caught wind of eachother and the lawyers got their claws out. Valve’s DOTA 2 which is currently in closed beta testing was up against Blizzard’s Blizzard DOTA which features and all star cast of their characters. Fitting since the game is now being retitled Blizzard All-Stars. Gabe Newell, co-founder of Valve said “We’re pleased that we could come to an agreement with Blizzard without drawing things out in a way that would benefit no one. We both want to focus on the things our fans care about, creating and shipping great games for our communities.”

It’s actually rather smart to not use the title DOTA in Blizzard’s game as it removes confusion and since DOTA stands for Defense of the Ancients and therefore has absolutely nothing to do with Blizzard characters going to battle with each other. To leave a comment or for Blizzard All-Stars and DOTA 2 trailers click here.

Ubisoft Announces Avengers Game for Kinect… In Other Words Another Game We Won’t Play

by on May 10, 2012 >> NewsWii UXbox

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will join forces on the Wii U and Xbox 360 with Kinect in a game based on the iconic “Secret Invasion” storyline. Yes that means that this is not a movie tie in game, but it’s still a game that involves motion controls and the Kinect. With the game also coming for Wii U there is a genuine chance that the game could be good on one of it’s two platforms, but the Kinect has failed to impress when it comes to action oriented titles. Keep reading for more information on this poorly idealized game.

Must Watch: Crysis 3 Trailer Surprisingly Cool

by on April 24, 2012 >> NewsPCPS3TrailersVideosXbox

I didn’t like Crysis 2. I had a lot of issues with the boring story, the lack of connection to the character, and most of all the environment being the same all the time. I loved the jungle and island settings the first Crysis game because it had naturally occurring differences when I went from one place to another. Crysis 2 lacked that and lacked the organic feel and beauty of the first. Now Crysis 3 blends the two games together with a domed NYC that’s been taken over by jungle growth and the alien menace. Now it’s up to you to wipe them out and take the city back. I feel like this could really redeem the series for me and be the best that the franchise has offered to date. Click to watch the trailer.

Kiss your weekend plans goodbye!

by on April 19, 2012 >> News

Diablo III is going into open beta starting noon pacific time on Friday the 20th until ten a.m. on Monday the 23.  This means anyone and everyone can get a taste of the game before it launches on May 15th.  Log into your account now to get the client started downloading.

Must Watch: God of War – Ascension Announcement Trailer

by on April 19, 2012 >> NewsPreviewsPS3TrailersVideos

KRATOS IS BACK! Well technically this is a prequel that takes it all back to the beginning. Sony is calling it the most ambitious God of War title yet which is a relief. With five different games across three platforms Kratos was getting a little stale. But now here he is ready to crush anything that gets in his way again. If the trailer is to be believed then THERE WILL BE BLOOD… in the spring of 2013. Click to watch.

Kinect Star Wars Murdered My Childhood

by on April 4, 2012 >> NewsVideosXbox

Star Wars has been a love of mine for decades now. I have a Star Wars tattoo, I love the movies and even in the movies I don’t like I find things that love and hold onto them tightly… And then things like this happen. Read on for the atrocity that is Kinect Star Wars

Google Maps Coming to NES

by on March 31, 2012 >> NewsPreviewsVideosWii

For the first time in 18 years, new software is coming to the Nintendo Entertainment System, and it’s thanks to Google. Click through to read the full announcement.

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