If you click on the site header you’ll be privy to an assortment of video game related news and videos. Click REVIEWS, and well, you’ll get exactly what you expect. The PODCAST features some video game talk and a whole lot of talk about other very random topics. The LIVE link will often feature livestreams of console games, PC games, and even Vita games as of late – and is a new home to the live version of the previously mentioned podcast on Wednesday afternoons. And finally, the ABOUT link will take you right back here.

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Co-Founder of Awesome / Editor

I talk a lot of smack and play games. I’m the co-host and co-founder of the site and let Matt do all the smart stuff so I don’t mess it up. I play as many games as I can, and I find myself filling with venomous rage when they’re bad, but that makes for entertaining content for YOU. And that’s what really matters. What do I look like? Well seeing as how I invented a time machine, went to the past and made love to Matt Damon’s mother, I’ll let you be the judge.

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Co-Founder / Editor

I edit the aforementioned podcast, write about news, and play lots of video games.