The 72 Pins Podcast 85: Snakes

by on September 20, 2012 >> Podcast


Snakes. Why’d it have to be snakes?

[audio:|titles=Episode 85: Snakes]

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  • Mauricio Cuervo

    Mauricio here

    Hello Guys, first off two thing 1. Thanks for reading my email, i was super stoked when i heard my question and yes the way you guys pronounce my name is correct but kinda turn down when you guys where side tracked for at least 5min but i was cool with it / 2. I Been rebooting my self in hearing your previous episode from starting from episode 1, right now i’m currently in episode 31 “Rated R for kids” and want to say ON HOW MANY OF YOUR PREDICTION WHERE SO WRONG that it funny, but that for another time.

    2 1/2 question

    1. Although it a damn shame i couldn’t play borderland 2 because i have no love for that game because that first one turn me off, Will you guys do this kind of event again with PlayStation All-Star for the ps3, You guys are very awesome and cool player to play with and i would be great to play with you, also will you record the match (W/Commentary) or no?

    2. Do you know who the creature are (Creature Hub) The Famous youtube video game commentater (UberhaxNova, SSohPKC, Kootra, Slyfox, Dannewz, and Gassy) there well know for doing creature talk podcast and making the most funniest video game Let play on almost every game they play, if you have time just see one of there video/ (F.Y.I. Nova JOKE ALL LOT and SSOHPKC IS sarcastic as hell who my favorite. Found some FAN video of the best Moments of both of them but there old so they might not be as funny because they improve as they years go on

    So here NOVa best of : or PART 2 which is funnier

    second one (4min):

    Hope you watch them and give me your opinion of them next episode

    1/2. Ok wanted to know if you guys read my review on Itunes or the comment list on episode 84 hope you enjoyed it, i been trying to get all my College class mates to listen to your podcast and some of them seem to like it. Hope that my effort to make you guys well know keeping spreading. PS: I went and bought something from amazon from your site and wanted to know how does that support you and if my funds of what i bought from amazon went to you guys because i don’t know if it supported you guys or not?

    Anyway thanks and cant wait for next week episode.

  • Matt

    Having not listened the back catalog in quite a while, I can only imagine how wrong we were on a lot of things, lol. Thanks for spreading the word, and for using the Amazon link! As of right now, that’s the best way to support the site.

    We’ll be sure to answer your ?s on this week’s cast