The 72 Pins Podcast 84: It’s Totally Worth 7 Dollars

by on September 13, 2012 >> Podcast

It's Totally Worth Seven Dollars

, high fives, iPhones, fires, and more!

[audio:|titles=Episode 84: It’s Totally Worth Seven Dollars]

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  • Mauricio Cuervo

    Sweet, Been waiting forever to listen to this epsisode

  • Mauricio Cuervo

    Midterm are OVER AND NOW I’M DONE WITH MY REVIEW :) Happy Times. My iTunes is having some weird problem, so you guys get to see my review first, hope you guys like it :)

    “From Mauricio Cuervo

    There are podcast that discuss video game, movie, console system, and the company that develop and publish them. There a fewer podcast that hold that flame that make an interesting podcast and have great humor in it. The 72 pin Podcast is one of those podcast that give you an inside of games and movie that you would never think of and leave a great impression on what you learn. What also great about them is that there not some straight type boring business people, there just average people like us with their charismatic voices and look through stuff through the people perspective on certain things. Though they Matt and Kent do go off topic sometimes their random discussion are never dull too hear, heck, I don’t think there one episode I was ever bored off and highly recommend hear some of their old episode when you have time.
    There are times though that they won’t talk about their whole expectance and story about a game that you want them to talk about (ex. Infamous 2, Kingdom Hearts 3ds) and they might even talk trash about the game and not like it (EX. KINGDOM HEARTS 3DS) but as long they explain why they don’t like it I’m fine, not everyone will like the video game you enjoy though I don’t know why don’t like the new kingdom hearts game… but that for another story. The 72 pin do spoiler cast episode but unfortunately they don’t do it for every triple a game (Example, Uncharted 3, Batman arkham city, Infamous 2). But I HIGHLY recommends hearing the 72 Pin because you will not regret hearing them and I implore you if you have a question for them, just ask them (, there a HIGH chance of them reading it and answering it. If you really like them, spread the word about them, tell a friend, share it on Facebook and twitter, if you want them to cover more coverage they need all the support they need. That it for my review in conclusion I give the 72 Pin 4 out of 5 stars”