Totally Free High Fives at PAX Prime 2012

by on September 8, 2012 >> PAXVideos

Yes, we went to , and yes, we’ll be podcasting about it (very soon). But until then, you can check out this video that Kent and I made on the show floor. Born out of a crazy long wait to watch someone play , came an idea way too good to pass up. It features cosplay, video games, guest appearances, and much slapping of the hand. Check it out!

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  • Mauricio Cuervo

    Oh my god, this what Kent look like! HOLY crap my image of him look totally different. No offense kent your still cool but man …. ‘Never judge a person appearance by his/her voice’

    Still can’t wait to hear your PAX experience in the next podcast :)

  • Mauricio Cuervo

    just send you a listener question to your email but just in case it did not send for unknown reason here what i wrote

    From: Mauricio Cuervo (19)

    Before i ask my question just wanted to know guys are my “Third” Favorite podcast (the first 2 is Ign playstation podcast Beyond and Creature Talk) but that would be in my review why you guys are awesome

    Here my question 1: I been hearing trash talk you too are making about Kingdom hearts Dream drop distance for the 3ds for the past two episode.(Yes i a big die hard fan of kingdom hearts, that why i got the ps3 and 3ds for it)….some of your reason for not liking the game i agree with but man do you guys hate it with a passion. Frankly I think this is the best 3ds game SO “FAR” i’ve played, and yes i played all the other 3ds game (mario 3d, Kid Icarus, and resident evil revelation). I just wanted to know if you two have beaten the game yet and if so can you spoil a little about what you guys thought about the major plot twist when your in the last world, secret ending and secret message plus the secret boss (the game been out for a month already so i think majority of the people have beaten it)

    Last question: In the near future, will you guys do call-in on skype with fan for a brief section of the podcast and ask you question?

    Anyway thanks for reading my email and Adding me on PSN :ageprf

    I’ll try to think of interesting and better question for next episode, just a little tried from College work. Anyway keep on rocking

    Can’t wait to hear what you thought on the “last of us” from PAX