The 72 Pins Podcast 80: The Dark Knight Doesn’t Rise

by on July 26, 2012 >> Podcast

The Dark Knight Doesn't Rise

Well, it’s true, he really doesn’t. Also… SPOILERS.

[audio:|titles=Episode 80: The Dark Knight Doesn’t Rise]

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  • Mauricio Cuervo

    BEEN WAITING ALL WEEK FOR the spoiler cast and i love it guys :)

  • Mauricio Cuervo

    I started to hear your podcast 2 months ago because i Google mass effect 3 spoiler podcast and found you guys and been hearing all your old episode on Itunes. You guys are great and funny and love the conversation you have

    Here a question, Do you get a decent amount view on your page and podcast because im checking previous old podcast and new one page and NOT ONE COMMENT DO I SEE IN ANY PAGE!

    • DaftBot

      not a lot of people comment. We aren’t bothered by that really. What started as a potential business has turned into a labor of love. We know that we do this for fun and so that my friend and I can connect on a weekly basis and talk about the stuff we love.

      If you want to help, recommend our show to your friends, go rate us on itunes and leave a review.