Review: Mortal Kombat Vita

by on May 7, 2012 >> PSVITAReviews

There’s no denying that the Playstation has a strong library of games for a system that’s only been out for a few months. With games that have also been on home consoles like Rayman Origins, MLB 12 The Show, Lego Harry Potter and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 all arriving and all being incredibly good it’s safe to assume that Nether Realm Studios would also be able to port their award winning fighter to the and make just as playable and fun. Nether Realm did just that, and more by adding Specific modes and mechanics that make it worthy of the full price… but there are some draw backs.

takes a note from the most recent Star Trek film and uses time travel to retell the story of the first three games and actually wrap everything together in a rather cohesive package. Characters who were little bonuses before like Noob Saibot now have huge back stories that make sense and make you almost care about them before ripping their heads off. It also tasks risks in it’s story by ending on a down note that most will find confusing and oddly sour. I loved it! But that’s just the story mode which takes you through match after match with different characters in different conditions until you’ve eventually played as everyone (Except the bonus characters) and saved the universe… sorta. There is so much more to this package than just that.

Along with this incredibly focuses story mode is an arcade mode where you pick a character, get a cut scene at the start and at the finish that feels more like a traditional quarter dropping experience.Versus mode is here with adhoc for local play or online and the net code is rather solid. Getting in quick matches can be great and really adds to the pick up and play sensibilities of the system.

Rounding out the bonuses are the challenge tower that was included in the console version of the game as well as a bonus challenge tower. There are Vita-centric bonus games that focus on the touch controls and are actually rather fun, especially the one mirroring the iPhone game Fruit Ninja. Packed in are 4 extra DLC characters including Kratos and Freddie Krueger as well as tons of bonus costumes and retro looks… but the looks aren’t that great and frankly neither are the graphics.

The visuals are where Mortal Kombat suffers the most. Mortal Kombat doesn’t retain the full visual fidelity of it’s console counterparts. Characters lack the full amount of polygons, gone are the jiggle physics and in some cases the characters textures look just plain horrible and pixelated. Levels are devoid of the life they had in their console counterparts. Normally I’d say it’s a hand held port, what do you expect, but when compared to other fighters on the system that have been ported over, it looks a little weaker. The fact that it’s on a 5 inch OLED screen which brings out with sharp clarity how poorly modeled some of the characters are doesn’t help the presentation at all. The sound is great, the music is perfect, but those character models are looking shabby.

That all said the game plays exactly like it should. It’s fun, it’s frame rate doesn’t stutter at all, it’s incredibly violent and it has all that DLC packed right in. for forty bucks it’s a pretty solid fighter for those on the go players. Just don’t expect to see PSVita MK tournaments popping up.

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