Review: Super Stardust Delta

by on February 27, 2012 >> PSVITAReviews

I love twin stick shooters and as much as I suck at them I love bullet hell game and when those ideas are combined I’m like a pig in shit. does this beautifully with one of the best on the go experiences I’ve had in months. The idea blends asteroids with a twin stick shooter and then putting it all orbiting a planet and throw in big epic boss fights and bonus modes for good measure. One big part of the marketing campaign has been that there’s finally a system for FPS games on the go. Well there aren’t any FPS titles out for the VITA but this is a great excuse to show off those dual analog sticks.

Super Stardust Delta takes the formula from it’s PS3 predecessor and puts it in the palm of your hand and thank god it doesn’t force touch or motion controls on the player. It does have a large selection of mini games for you to choose from that involve the touch controls and add quite a lot of variety but if you want to play it purely like you would the PS3 game you have the ability to do that. The game is based around the idea of fire and ice weapons. Different enemies and asteroids come at you and you have to switch between fire and ice weapons depending on if they’re red or blue enemies. It sound simple at first but can get hectic pretty quickly, especially when the entire playing filed is filled with mixed asteroid particles and you’re constantly tapping on the right trigger to switch weapons. Power ups and points come from green asteroid cores that will allow your fire and ice weapons to get more powerful. The ice weapon is a spread shot gun and the fire weapon is like a whip

With a full Arcade Mode with multiple levels and leaderboards you’d have enough content to last you quite a while. But there’s more. There’s the individual Planet Mode where you take on a level and try to see who can get the highest score, an Endless Mode, Bomber Mode which only gives you a limited amount of bombs to use, Impact Mode where you charge through everything using a special ability and the craziest mode, Twin Gun Mode. Twin Gun Mode uses both sticks to fire and uses the PSVita’s gyro to move the ship. Moving the system to move the ship is crazy and I couldn’t wrap my brain around it. Anyone who gets a high score in that definitely has skill.

There’s a lot here for such a low price. I’ve been playing it constantly and it’s simple pick up and put down nature means I can get in a few rounds during commercials and not feel like I’m missing any of the game. There’s no story or multiplayer but it doesn’t need it. It’s a simple leader board based twin stick shooter with really clean controls and amazing visuals. While not overly complex the visuals are bright and colorful, delivering the information you need while also wowing the player.

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