The 72 Pins Podcast 54: ビデオゲームのむきだし (Video Game Exposure)

by on January 12, 2012 >> Podcast

ビデオゲームのむきだし (Video Game Exposure)

What do we talk about this episode? How about the fact that there’s still no theme song. Hmm… And , Asura’s Wrath, and more.

[audio:|titles=Episode 54: ビデオゲームのむきだし (Video Game Exposure)]

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  • Anonymous

    Incidentally “George Lucas’ Golden Nut Bust” is the working title for his first upcoming deeply personal Coppola-esque indie film.

    The best part of that NYT article is where he says that “lots of scientists” told him Indy would have a 50-50 chance of surviving the in the fridge. Apparently McCallum isn’t the only guy telling Lucas whatever bullshit he wants to hear.