Diablo For Consoles Confirmed

by on January 10, 2012 >> NewsPCPS3VideosXbox

Are you a gamer and want to travel through dungeons, fight demons, monsters and do it with friends? Well you’re in luck since is coming to . Tweeted by Blizzard community manager that it is indeed coming and that Josh Mosqueira is lead designer. This is great for those of you who would rather play the game over XBL or PSN. Don’t expect the game to be released along side the PC version or anything like that, but if you’d like to help create this version, Mosqueira tweeted that they’re hiring. Be a part of the team and make history with I believe is the first console game since Starcraft came out for Nintendo 64. There’s no news as to what systems it will be ported to, but we doubt it will hit the Wii. In the mean time enjoy the opening cinematic after the jump.

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