Review: Naughty Bear Gold Edition

by on May 31, 2011 >> ReviewsXbox

ARE YOU READY FOR MEDIOCRE GAMEPLAY AND REPETITION!? YES?! Then is the game for you. The premise here is a simple one: You are Naughty Bear, a once cuddly and fun teddy bear that has seen better days. All the other bears in the village make fun of you, teasing you by throwing rocks through your window and laughing whenever you actually try to do something nice. OF COURSE THEY DESERVE TO BE MURDERED BRUTALLY!

The gameplay here is an arcade style score attack game. You move through the same sections of a village over and over again each time with a new scenario. As you move through the levels you will scare the other bears by using traps, sabotaging machines and then hiding. The ultimate goal is to scare the bears so much that they eventually commit suicide in some brutal fashion. This can be a lot of fun actually and when done right I got the same feeling as bodying some one in Mortal Kombat and finishing them off with a Fatality. I wanted to see what the next dumb bear would do when they’re driven to insanity. Too bad the process of getting to that point isn’t all that fun.

Naughty Bear suffers from looking like a game from the Xbox and PS2 era. The textures are bad and flat, the bears look ugly their textures look like giant colorful scabs. From a distance they look cute, and I’m sure in SD they’d be fine… but in HD with all that clarity it’s just terrible. The environments… sorry Environment is well designed for the gameplay but visually unappealing. There’s no variety at all. The bears all look the same but with color swaps and the environment is the same island for every level of the game.

Naughty Bear is a mixed bag. It has a really solid, twisted idea at it’s core and I dig the hell out of it. I really like the ideas the game tries to put forward and I like the old school combo systems with it’s scoring modes. Scoring potentially millions of points for going all GTA on a bunch of stuffed bears before brutally murdering them reaches deep into my core and tickles the sick and twisted part of my psyche. But as if the lack of variety, repetitive gameplay weren’t enough the game also has mediocre controls, with a floaty camera that can’t seem to do exactly what I want it to.

Over all Naughty Bear was a bad game when it was first released and while this version of the game has more content, it’s just more of the same content. Beating up bears can be fun, terrorizing them can be a scream, and brutally murdering them can tickle your twisted funny bone, but it needs to be presented well to be given a great score. I hope the team that made it learns from their mistakes and gives the player more variety the next time around. I’d really like to see this formula really fleshed out and see what they can do with it. Also the game’s short length makes it feel like an XBLA title. I’ll give them this… the game IS PERFECT for achievement mining. It doesn’t take much to wrack up a massive score and get a lot of achievements for it.

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